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Point of Sale

Start, run and grow your business with Ignite’s Point of Sale. A solution that is developed to help you run your business the way you want. Whether it’s Food, Retail, or Services, IGNITE™ is what you are looking for.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory and stock level of all your items easily with Ignite. Add, update and keep track of the stock quantities instantly.



Start your selling journey now! Save time, money and give your business an online availability with our e-commerce solution. Simple and Easy integration with Ignite’s POS makes inventory management and reporting a piece of cake. You’ll only need one login and all of your reports are in one place.


Create a loyalty program that caters to your clients and captures their information from your POS and connects regularly to gain valuable customer insights, enhancing the customer experience and fostering customer loyalty.

Analytics Anywhere

Get real-time insights on your business on-the-go with Ignite Insights. Quickly pull up sales made on your POS, get reports by categories, brands, products, location and staff. Get alerts on register activity. Compare data between periods of time to know where your business stands.

Ignite Hub

Manage your whole business easily from a single location by analyzing your sales, determining top-selling items, and browsing the history of your transactions. By using Ignite Hub, you can go from stock levels viewing to detailed Inventory Reporting using the powerful tools that comes along with it.

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