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Point of Sale (POS)

Point of Sale by Ignite.

Start, run & grow your business with Ignite POS software that is developed to help you run your business the way you want. Whether it’s walk-in, dine-in, take-away, or home delivery orders Ignite is what you are looking for.

Cloud Based

Intelligent solution with multiple modules. 

Offline Capable

Interruption free for remote locations.

Highly Scalable

From a single location to multi-location, multi-register setup.

24/7 Support

Multi-channel support provided in English & Arabic.

Easy Migration

Ability to import data from existing legacy POS systems.

Low Cost

Monthly/Annual subscription based pricing model.

Built-in Backup

Disaster recovery plan leveraging on the best in class cloud backend.

Always On

Data from end-point is available back office systems in real-time.


English & Arabic Interface.

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