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Point of Sale

Start, run and grow your business with Ignite’s Point of Sale. A solution that is developed to help you run your business the way you want. Whether it’s Food, Retail, or Services, Ignite is what you are looking for.

Kitchen Display

The Kitchen Display System (KDS) allows you to view orders in a variety of display options. In addition to simplifying kitchen communication and processes, increasing kitchen efficiency, reducing errors, and enhancing food quality and speed of service. Kitchen Display System is simply more accurate, reliable and less frustrating!

Waiter Pad

Never lose a client, save time and experience the benefit of mobility ordering. Speed up the ordering process and sell on the go with Ignite Waiter Pad. It helps reduce customers waiting time and eliminate any service delays.

Digital Menu

With Ignite’s Digital Menu you can display real-time data to reflect current menu, complete with your offering, image, logo, and prices to attract more customers. Visualizing is a great way to engage your customers with Ignite’s Digital Menu.


Empower your business with actionable insights, no matter where you are in the world, so you never have to compromise on service. Ignite’s expeditor gives you what you need to ensure that your customers always have a fantastic time!

Order Status Screen

With a beautifully-designed interface, Ignite’s Order Status Screen enables your customers to see the progress and status of their orders and will instantly know when their order is ready. No more shouting and calling anymore!


Get access to detailed and actionable reports about the performance of your business by cloud or iPad (on premise). From dashboard overview to products management to sales reports, Ignite’s POS keeps you informed regardless of where you are.

Customer Display

Boost your customer experience with Ignite’s Customer Facing Display. It’s a digital screen that allows you to display order information to your customers without interrupting the payment process. Customers can view their order, tax, discounts, and the total amount information.


Create a loyalty program that caters to your clients and captures their information from your POS and connect regularly to gain valuable customer insights.


Make your food businesses more customer-centric and tech savvy with Ignite’s fully customizable kiosks!

Ignite Hub

Manage your whole business easily from a single location by analyzing your sales, determining top-selling items, and browsing the history of your transactions. By using Ignite’s Hub, you can go from stock levels viewing to detailed Inventory Reporting using the powerful tools that comes along with it.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory and stock level of all your items easily with Ignite. Add, update and keep track of the stock quantities instantly.


Get real-time insights on your business on-the-go with Ignite Insights. Quickly pull up sales made on your POS, get reports by categories, brands, products, location and staff. Get alerts on register activity. Compare data between periods of time to know where your business stands.

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