The Solution That Suits Your Food Truck.

Mobility is a key element in any food truck business, that’s why IGNITE is developed to support mobility and meet the specific needs of your food truck.

Park, Set and get ready to Sell!

With IGNITE POS for Food trucks, no matter where you are IGNITE® will be there for your convenience. Whether you are: setting up in an event, participant in a food truck festival or simply selling down the streets, you will have IGNITE® by your side the entire time.


Track Your Sales Easily

See your food truck's performance wherever you are with IGNITE reporting. View your top sellers, track your inventory, and run cost reports easily to get actionable insights about your truck.


Say Goodbye to Connectivity headache!

Internet connection will be the least of your concerns because our POS works offline and it does not rely on internet availability.


Sell more of what your customers love.

User friendly sales screen interface with quick selection keys for products and browsing by category. With product images, visual selection makes it even faster.

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