The Solution That Suits Your Organization.

To achieve your vision you need a proper plan, structure and POS that gets the job done & IGNITE can help you out!

IGNITE for Organization

IGNITE is a platform that can serve your entire organization, from collecting membership & donations to a POS to be used in the lounge for a cup of coffee and cake.


Have a deeper insights

Use IGNITE insights anytime to get an in-depth look at your organization. Important business and financial reports about donations and more are always helpful and available.


Access Options & Privileges

Set and change permissions for the entire system, on-the-go. Manage which of your staff gets access to which parts of IGNITE with few clicks only.


Powerful Reporting

On-Demand solution that helps you stay ahead of the competition by giving you an accurate view of your organization’s performance which you can access at any time. Drill deeper with insightful reporting tools into quickly identify trends and areas to improve.

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