The Solution That Suits Your Apparel Store.

All what your store needs in a POS, you just have to get ready to sell! A suitable solution to help you setup, manage and organize your apparel store from labelling to barcode generating to invoicing, IGNITE is the solution that will help you out in all of that.

Ease, Peasy

Handle your client’s transaction, process their payments and hand them their receipt. It’s quick, simple, and easy that will surprise you.


Sell in multiple location

With IGNITE® cloud based solution all you need for it to work is a web-browser or tablet, so you can sell from anywhere on any device.


Works well with your payment provider

IGNITE® POS works with your existing credit card reader to accept Visa, Mastercard, MADA and SADAD. You can also setup custom payment options like in-store credit, partial payments and more.


Increase your Revenue

Whether you’re a start-up or a running business, the point of sale is more than just the place where the money comes in. that’s why we make sure that IGNITE becomes your strategic service center, the place that will help you grow your business and keep your customers coming back.

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