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The Solution That Suits Your Restaurant. 

Grow your Restaurant with Ignite’s intuitive and user friendly platform. Whether it’s walk-in, dine-in, take-away, or home delivery orders – Ignite is the one platform to rule them all.

Ignite’s features for restaurants will change the way you serve your customers, automating workflows and reducing errors like never before.

“Order in the food court!”

From order taking and table management, to a Hassle free tablet app that lets your waiters take orders directly on a tablet or remotely from the order station, IGNITE will change the way you serve your customers.

“Knowing is half the kettle!”

With Ignite’s Table Management, you’ll know the status of all your tables, how many are available, and how many will be available soon.

“As easy as pie.”

Ignite enables you to go through the details of your croissant, bagels, muffins and breaking down to individual ingredients and monitor stock levels of each item, empowering your staff to follow recipes with surgical precision!

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