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Fast Food

The Solution That Suits Your Fast Food.

Fast Food is all about speed. Accelerate your service with Ignite! Start running your business on a smarter, quicker and more convenient platform!

Our simplified and user friendly UI is easy to navigate and use, making processing times fast ensuring that you can make more sales in less time!

“Analytics You Can Crust!”

Make more of what your customers are craving! You can know all the details of what your customers are ordering through powerful customer & product reports plus have insights on your top sold items.

“Give Your Customers Something to Taco ‘Bout!”

Enhance the customer experience with Ignite’s hardware that helps you make workflows inside the kitchen and out faster and more efficient (such as our Kitchen Display Screens) and delight customer with Ignite’s Order Status Screen and Customer Facing Displays. Our platform also readily integrates with your existing hardware!

“Doughnut Be Unprepared.”

Ignite enables you to go through the details of your pizzas, shawarmas, burgers, falafels and breaks them down to individual ingredients and monitors stock levels of each item, empowering your staff to follow recipes with surgical precision, minimising wastes and ensuring no customer goes away empty handed!

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