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Oil & Gas

The Solution That Suits Your Filling Station.

Whether you run 1 filling station or 100, Ignite’s platform ensures that quality control and operations remain most effective.

Increase accountability by setting permissions for access by each employee for the entire platform with only a few clicks.

Point of Sale

Start, run and grow your business with Ignite’s Point of Sale. Developed to help you run your business the way you want – whether it is you filling station or its convenience shop, Ignite’s POS is ideal for both!

Analytics Anywhere

Get real-time insights on your business on-the-go with Ignite Insights. Quickly pull up sales made on your POS, get reports by categories, location and staff. Get alerts on register activity. Compare data between periods of time to know where your business stands.

Manage Reserves

Manage your inventory and stock level of all of your available reserves with Ignite. Add, update and keep track of the stock quantities instantly.

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