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Non-Profit Organizations

The Solution That Suits Your Organization.

Empower your organization with the structure that it needs to be sustainable and manage it with ease using our intuitive platform. From collecting membership & donations to a POS to be used in the lounge for a cup of coffee and cake, Ignite covers it all.

Ignite’s platform gives you actionable insights that help you improve your member experience and highlight anomalies in service.

Powerful Analytics

Use Ignite insights anytime to get an in-depth look at your organization. Important business and financial reports about donations and more are always easily accessible giving you the insight you need to accurately measure success or recalibrate strategies.

Improve Exponentially

Keep your members satisfied as you gain feedback and analytics on their behavior, allowing you to improve the community experience.

Manage Remotely

Manage your employees and your club’s service from anywhere in the world with Ignite Hub – accessible on devices such as laptops, computers, tablets, and phones.

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