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The Solution That Suits Your Electronic Store.

Keep track of all the high value items that need to be tracked efficiently with the suitable solution to run your business smoothly.

Add, edit and remove products in Ignite, including images, prices, and other details. Ignite reporting and stock management makes it easy to sell more of your best products, and keep track of your high-value items.

Faster, Better, Stronger

Sales screen that is easy to use with quick clicks for products selection and category browsing. In addition to product images, visual selection that makes it even faster.

Peak Performance

Stay a step ahead by knowing your best products, your busiest hours and your biggest buyers, making sure you’re performing at your best every day.

Online and Offline

With a cloud based built solution, you can process your sales smoothly without having to worry about the connectivity. Ignite gives you cloud storage and the convenience of offline transactions at the same time.

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