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The Solution That Suits Your Bakery.

The secret recipe for your success is right here! Ignite is the solution that will help you keep track of the ingredient levels for all of your ingredient-level with detailed stock management.

With Ignite’s POS, you can easily manage all the bakery workflow from ingredient control and inventory management all the way to invoice processing and sales reporting.

What Your Bakery Kneads!

Gain a competitive edge with a bakery POS kit from Ignite. Keep an eye on the ingredient levels for all of your bakery with ingredient-level inventory management.

Little Things That Batter

Ignite enables you to go through the details of your croissant, bagels, muffins and breaking down to individual ingredients and monitor stock levels of each item.

One Smart Cookie

Make more of what your customers are craving! You can know all the details of what your customers are ordering through a powerful customer & product report with insight on your top sold items.

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